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For customers considering using this service

  • Due to my work schedule and business trips, all inquiries will be answered via e-mail.

  • We accept cash, credit card (VISA), and PayPay for payment.

  • The front of the store is a slope, and vehicles that have lowered their vehicle height will scrape the underside.

  • ​Shutter width 2.4m. The ceiling height is 2.4m.

For customers considering coating

  • ​Prices vary depending on car size, coating agent, new car, and existing car.

  • Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

For customers considering car wash/private car washⓇ

  • If you request a car wash , the price will vary depending on the size of your car.

  • When making a reservation for a private car washⓇ, please let us know the hours of use and the nature of the work. In consideration of the balance with other reservations, we will specify this after consultation with you.

  • When using a private car washⓇ , iron powder remover cannot be used as it leaves a smell.

  • ​Once the date for using the private car washⓇ has been decided, cancellation on the day due to rain etc. is not possible. Please contact us at least one week in advance to cancel or change your reservation.

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